Published on December 28, 2008, by in Domestic Life.

…at least that is what the song says, right?

Summer, in all it’s sandy glory, is pretty wonderful too.

Here are some wonderful things from this time of the year, in no particular order.

1. Felt snowflakes; I made a garland of white lights and a variety of gray snow flake ornaments for over the sliding glass door.


2. Milk and Cookies; Is that patio furniture still in plain sight? Why yes it is. BBQ, anyone?


3. Handmade Gifts; Great Aunt Mary Jo and her friend Diane made a set for Molly’s doll crib; Wool socks so colorful and warm…from who else? Julie, my knitter friend and co-worker.blurry-molly-with-quiltsocks-from-julie

4. Bundled Children; I think Molly and Ry look like such a great team as they slide down our backyard together on a sled.


5. Warm Cozy Nights; That don’t start until 9-something because Ry, 4,  just has to push the limits by getting out of bed…every night.


It is a wonderful season. Thank you all that have been so loving at Christmas and throughout the year!