Merry Happenings

Thanksgiving kicked off an attitude of gratitude in my heart. I had no grand plan, daily read or assignment.

I am just keeping my eyes open and more importantly my heart open to contentment, peace and thankfulness.

Here are some of the little things that have helped make my season merry.

  1. A handmade set knit by a friend just for my little guy that Ry absolutely adores.
  2. A trip to Ikea that offered a close parking spot on a very bitter cold and dreary day followed by a kind woman in the Ikea cafeteria that cleared my tray for me because she’s “been there” and Molly discovering the free cookies while Ry played in Smal-land (Ikea’s play place). All of which led to the purchase of new bins and an organizing frenzy that suited my needs quite nicely.
  3. Lunch and story time with a friend. Ry, Lucy, Becki and Molly.
  4. Sharing the wonder of Advent season with Ryan. Every step of Christmas (Jesus’ birth) and Christmastime (snowmen, candy canes, etc.) seems to bring him overflowing joy for which I am very grateful.