Published on February 13, 2009, by in Creativity.

As I was combing through my bedroom closet, project o’the month, I found an old stack of cards, all 50 of them.  Uh, not good enough.

So what’s a girl to do? Make something! Of course!

In honor of Valentines Day, I thought I’d whip up  a little “game” to encourage loving, talking, and learning within our family.

Valentine Conversation Cards

1. Round up a bunch of cards from the Hearts Suit (one card per question desired).


2. Cover cards in card stock (on the non-heart side). I chose paper colors similar to the conversation heart candies.


3. To bring out all the love, write prompting questions and fun-loving action commands on the cards.


  • Tell Mommy she is special
  • Give Daddy a back rub
  • Ask Papa to share a story from the past
  • Call Grammy and say I Love You
  • Hold Molly’s hand in yours
  • Read with Ryan on the couch
  • Tell about a time you showed love to someone
  • How do you feel loved?
  • What does it mean to show God’s love?

4. Store game cards in a basket, bin, bag or box. I chose to put mine in a heart box on the kitchen table.


5. Take turns picking a card. Enjoy conversation and let the love abound!


Have a good weekend! Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be back next week with some thoughts about how to speak your child’s love language.

“Remember, God loves you and so do I!” – Boz the green bear next door