This month, as many of you know, I am sorting, purging and prettying my bedroom closet. My process is super slow.

So slow in fact, that while side-tracking my cleaning efforts with a much over due ‘pouring over photos by the millions’ (on my closet floor), my heels made my butt go numb from sitting on top of my feet for so long. You, know the feeling, don’t even pretend you don’t.

Well, such a trip down memory lane & a good haulin’ out of old baby clothes scraps…inspired some simple, cheap and cute Valentine cards.

1. Cut little pockets out of worn out baby and toddler clothing. Items with stains and tears are not okay the giveaway pile. Why not turn them into crafts?



2. Find a photo. Use your kids’ photos, their little faces are sure to melt the hearts of everyone. Cut out a person outline, if desired.


Me, circa 2000

3. Glue on pockets, add stickers and fill with candy or photos.