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Where the Magic Happens

MTV Cribs is a TV show known for interviewing celebrity’s homes. Upon entering the bedroom, while giving a tour of their huge glamour-dom home, the owners often tout, “This is where the magic happens!”

At my house, we have plenty of magic happening…except, it is on the kitchen table.

WAIT! Before you run off wondering how Just a Blink just became so graphic

I mean the kind of magic that delights in:

  • birds pecking at the paper plate full of seeds on the patio of the kitchen
  • a single rose that Ryan, 4, bought for his Mom because, “It is as beautiful as you are”
  • two big packages of new maternity clothes shipped all the way from California by my loving family (Thanks Connie!)
  • scribbles and wiggles scratched with pencil by Molly in Ryan’s workbook just to be more like him
  • a jam packed silverware dishwasher basket used for a impromptu sorting lesson


Now that’s magic!

P.S. I hope go get going with better photos soon…the above image is curtisy of my iPhone. I did try to pick up my camera but both batteries were dead.