Published on December 7, 2009, by in Domestic Life, Food.

Annual Cookie Day


I get together every year with my mom, sisters-in-law (and their mothers), and my mother-in-law to bake. We call it Cookie Day.

But really, it is a day each year to connect with one another. Some of us bake, others do projects to help them get ready for Christmas (like addressing Christmas cards), and still others nurse their crying babies…ehem.

It is a time to connect, create and celebrate during an otherwise busy season.

What I remember and cherish about Cookie Day:

  • Smelling cookies baking and candles burning (thankfully, not cookies burning!)
  • Feeling fresh, cold air hit my face, as the patio door opens to let out bakers cooling their warm treats
  • Tasting chicken salad sandwiches, white wine and a lot of nibbles of “that pieces is broken I might as well eat it now” cookies
  • Listening to Christmas carols and a lot of conversation
  • Seeing community and love being built by generations of women working side-by-side



Oh, yes, I did find the time to get the new-to-me work bench set-up (phase one – still more organizing and cuteness to come) in the garage. SO, Pete can finally park in the garage!




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