Breakfast and Lunch

I am tired. Did I mention I have two newborn baby girls? Of course, I  did.

This means I am too tired to think about meals for more than two seconds…especially when Ryan asks repetitively, “What are we going to eat?”

So, I really needed to make things simple around the kitchen. Think once. Prepare food as follows…



M: English Muffins, Sausage and Jam

T: Toast and Eggs with a side of fruit

W: Oatmeal, Raisins and honey or jam

Th: Yogurt and Granola

F: Pancakes and Syrup

Sat: Muffins and/or Smoothies

Sun: Cold Cereal and Bananas


M: Soup, Crackers and Jell-O

T: Pasta and grapes

W: Chicken Nuggets with Veggies and Dip

Th: Sun-nut butter and Jelly Sandwiches and String Cheese

F: Bagel Pizzas and Salad

Sat: Free Choice

Sun: Family Meal (at Grandma’s, a restaurant or the crock-pot)

Do It Yourself

Grab some markers and colored pencils or snag some colorful clip art and create your own menu plan chart! It’s free and might help take some stress out of your meal prep. Some folks will say a fixed meal plan is to predictable or boring. I say so is cold cereal everyday.

My picture menu plan is posted on the refrigerator to help Ryan learn the days of the week and give him peace of mind that, indeed, their will be food (even when I’m tired).



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