I had so much fun with thrifty decor in the kids’ new room/ girls nursery. All 4 kids in ONE room…twas a challenge. The room looks a lot like summer camp meets a tea party (lots of beds and lots of cuteness).

I plan to leak out bits and pieces of their room over the next week or so.

Diaper Table Wall

The white shelf was a rescue from a friend. She was in her car on the way to the donation center when I spotted the shelf. I literally reached through the passenger side window of her car (while standing in the street & chatting after MOPS) to snatch it for my own.

Since I am not a “fabric arts” gal, I don’t have stock piles of beautiful fabric lining my craft shelves in neat, colorful rows. But, I did have an old pink washcloth that I was willing to sacrifice for my cause.

Ahhh, gotta love the Dollar Store. I lined scrapbook paper in these cute little $1 frames, then added  a 3D sticker to the outside of the glass. I embellished the hanger with a red ribbon and viola! Cuteness.

I stole these BABY blocks from the toy box. Free. Easy. More cuteness.

Changing 15-20 diapers a day goes a lot more nicely with such sweet little things to look at by the diaper table!