Claire’s Crib

I love the feel of a pieced together home style. A little of this and a little of that. New with the old. Pastels with the bold.

Claire’s sheets are white with multi-colored polka-dots.

I purchased the big “C” at JoAnne’s and painted it pink. The sticker on the small plate displays the definition of GIGGLE.

The blanket was a gift from the NICU. The sweater was worn by my mother Lucy as an infant. The lamb was a toy I played with at my Grandma Mary’s house. The plate, a family pattern, was past down to me from my late Uncle Wayne.

I made her nursery space very personal and unique by selecting a few meaningful objects to decorate Claire’s side of the room.  I love what a big impact her wall decor has for such little financial investment.

Look around to what you may already have in your home lurking in the attic — it may be just the personal touch you were looking for in your decor!