Published on February 5, 2010, by in Creativity.

Valentine-ish Pendant

This week I was inspired by a blog called Craft-Werk (Sonja from Dublin, Ireland).  She posted a tutorial about using recycled earrings (the lonely single earrings from all the lost pairs) to create pendants. I so happened to have some lonely broken bead type “junk” laying around.

Feeling justified here for keeping every single piece of old or broken jewelry item dating back to 1997.

Here is my version of Craft-Werk’s jump ring necklace.

Lovely, isn’t it? I like the part where it’s free. Free, of course, when you already bought a few bead making supplies, earrings (in the first place) and/or a silver chain. Those things were on-hand for me this go round.

Anyway, loop stray sparkling beauties hiding in the bottom of your jewelry box onto your favorite chain! They will thank you for showing them off!