Living with Lindsay’s $5 Challenge – Spring Table Setting

Written by Jessica

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Do Dollar Stores make you giddy from all the crafting potential? I know it sounds weird. But, there are a group of us crazy crafters that love a challenge, especially a thrifty challenge.

Lindsay, from Living with Lindsay, is hosting the 2nd Annual Five Dollar Challenge. Armed with a $5 bill, I gathered some supplies from my local Dollar Tree.

My challenge? Create a new Spring Decor item according to Lindsay’s guidelines and make a tutorial for the project. Hence, the super long line of photos below.

*Dear Voters: JJ, Emily and Gina* Thanks for stopping by Just a Blink and checking out my $5 challenge entry! It was a total blast to push my creativity to meet this budget.

Supply List

  • Green floral wreath – $1
  • White streamers -$1
  • Faux baby’s breath flowers – $1
  • Package of mossy stones – $1
  • Bird knick-knack – $1
  • On hand tools- thread, pins, sewing machine, marker, paper, glue, scissor, wire cutters

Center Piece

1. Sew two streamers together on the sewing machine. Push the streamers as you feed them to create a ruffle. You’ll need as many lengths as it takes to wrap your wreath.

2. Wrap the ruffled streamer around a wreath pinning each section as you go, making sure the pins are in the back. Fluff up the streamer on each side of the stitch line for a softer looking ruffle.

3. Cut the baby’s breath into small portions. You may need a wire cutter if the stems are really thick.

4. Stuff the stems into the open edges of the streamer ruffle. Add mossy stones to the center circle of the wreath.

Finished center piece (Base plate not included in challenge)

Name Card Place Holders

1. Sew a length of streamer ruffle about 6-9 inches in length to act as a pillow for a name place card. Yank on one of the threads to make a tighter ruffle and tie it off to the thread on the opposite end, creating a circle. Fluff up the paper.

2. Tape or glue a small name card to a single piece of baby’s breath.

3. Cut out a scalloped circle out of card stock to act as a plate decoration.

4. Set the small ruffle circle, from step 5, on top of the scalloped circle. Add a  name place card and cover it with a mossy stone. (plate – not included as part of the challenge)

Finished place card holder for Easter brunch!

Napkin Ring

1. Cut a long section of stem, from the baby’s breath bouquet, using a wire cutter.

2. Twist the stem wire into a circle

3. Cover the wire circle with a thin strip of fabric. I used gray felt. Add a dab of hot glue to hold the fabric down. Insert the napkin into the ring. (I used a paper towel to meet the standards of the challenge, it’s paper, right?)

Chair Detail

1. Loop-tie streamer to the top of a chair. Use double the measurement from the top of the chair to the ground for your streamer length.

2. Tie a piece of coordinating fabric around the top of the looped streamer.

3. Tuck in a bit of baby’s breath and faux leaves from the stems.

Complete Dollar Store Table Setting

The photo below is my official entry for Lindsay’s Challenge.  Wow! My Spring/Easter table setting was put together for just $5 (plus a tiny bit of paper and fabric that I had on hand)!

But why stop here? This table needs to be gussied up a bit, no?

1. A few extra touches: table cloth; cake-stand for the centerpiece; jelly bean favors; egg decor butter spreaders; white plates and glass cups

Now, I have a lovely spring table setting for two!



P.S. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this project! I thought, at first, it was going to look like I was decorating with toilet paper. Well, whatever the source, I think it turned out kinda nice. :)

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  1. Very pretty and creative!

  2. What a sweet project. You are one clever and crafty girl. Have a happy spring!

  3. Becki says:

    Love it Jess! I love the streamer idea. I think the table is beautiful.

  4. Wow, you got an entire table setting out of your project. I love the ruffly nest with the moss eggs.

  5. MeganDVD says:

    Your projects are so very sweet and SO VERY creative!!! I love the way you can make a streamer dance into a ruffle so lovely for your centerpiece.

    Love your little corner of the world over here. Thank you for coming to visit mine. :)


  6. Holly L says:

    I love ruffles as much as I love twine! Thanks for swinging by 504 Main. I wish I could spend the whole day visiting all these great projects. Clever idea to ruffle the streamers..they ruffled up really nicely. Beautiful table!

    PS-if for some reason there are a million comments from me…sorry…the computer does not want to authenticate me.

  7. Great entry! So creative!

  8. Hi Jess!! This is great…especially like the center piece! Very springish on a $5.00 budget!! Laughed @ yout TP comment and no it doesn’t! :) BTW…I hope you will find time to make it back over to my blog…I changed up my piece a little to try to add a little more spring to it…I would love to know what ya think!
    Thanks for stopping by though!!

  9. Such a cute idea – the ruffles are great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  10. Korby says:

    Beautiful! Nobody would think it was $5.00. I like that you didn’t stop at the table, you also decorated the chair.

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