1. Crayon roll from Purple Lizard Designs. Can you smell the waxy goodness? Ahhhh! Crayons!

2. Felt card table tent from Miss Pretty on etsy. I think I would hide under here with a blanket, flashlight and a good book and never come out!

3. Felt chocolate Easter bunnies from Becky M. Oh. My. Word. These are so cute, I think I’d eat them.  Check out Nesting Place for Becky’s giveaway today.

4. Junior Executive Onesies by txmom2claire. I miss my baby boy (he’s already 5 years old)! He would have looked so stinkin’ cute in these shirts.

5. Flag banner from giggleberry. I could seriously have a flag banner for every holiday. I think they are so festive. I want a fabric Happy Birthday banner. For. Sure.

Why all the sewing linkage? I’m getting inspired to plug in the sewing machine for my Proverbs 31 Distaff and Spindle assignment.