Top 10 Projects of 2010

Written by Jessica

Topics: Craftiness

Happy New Year!

I meant to sit down and write about my New Year’s Resolution Word for 2011. But instead, I found myself drawn to reflect on the past year.

Below are 10 projects from 2010 that I had fun doing. Some were easy, some were life-changing and most were somewhere in between. The text in orange will lead you to a blog article that originally published each project.

1. Hanging Ice Blocks

2. Wool Y0-Yo Pin

3. Living with Lindsay’s $5 Challenge (in which, I learned to sew with a machine)

4. Family Cookbook

5. Nester’s Mantel Challenge

6. Mid-Wife Kits

7. Tiered Plates

8. P90X Challenge (so sorry, you all have to see my workout clothes!)

9. Creating my Office

10. Co-founding Shabby Mamas with 4 of my friends

Hope you had a great 2010!


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