About Categories

Are you new here and wondering what is this blog about?

Put some coffee on, I’ll catch you up to speed.

In May of 2008, I started blogging to keep a record of family events, share funny links and use my photography skills.

As my fingers typed out the ordinary tales of my life, the extraordinary happened, I found my voice. A once submerged passion for photography, creativity and writing resurfaced.

Just a Blink reflects three main areas of my life.

The Home Front: I  write about building a foundation for my family and home life.

The Handmade: I create things that make me happy. I love trash to treasure finds and anything that involves photography.

The Holy Word:   I see faith lessons in my daily life.

I lead a full life.  Thanks for following along as I capture my thoughts. I know when I’m 92 years old I’ll look back on my days here on Earth and feel like my whole life was just a blink.