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Sew Inspired – 5 Must Have Sewing Projects

16 March 2010


1. Crayon roll from Purple Lizard Designs. Can you smell the waxy goodness? Ahhhh! Crayons! 2. Felt card table tent from Miss Pretty on etsy. I think I would hide under here with a blanket, flashlight and a good book and never come out! 3. Felt chocolate Easter bunnies from Becky M. Oh. My. Word. [...]

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:: Heart for Art :: Winner!

10 October 2008


Winner Announcement! Nancy from Montrealaise en Californie won a David Burke photo print! Thank you for sharing a comment on my blog. Everyone else, If you missed the Heart for Art giveaway entry this month it’s okay… Each month we feature a new artist to show some heart for art!

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And the Winner Is…

9 September 2008

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My On the Six category features a guest artist each month. September’s artist was my son Ryan. He helped me do a giveaway for one of his paintings. We had four entries to win so…everybody wins! Why just pick one? Thank you to Elizabeth M., Grammy Lu, Mags and Lisa for commenting on our blog. [...]

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Artist in Training

6 September 2008


Look for giveaway below! Today’s artist, 3 year old Ryan, is still in his formative years. He has been toying around with several types of art media such as: charcoal, pastels, watercolor and crayon. He is often found at his kitchen table studio doing “projects” with tape. Lots of tape. He prides himself with a [...]

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