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Top 10 Projects of 2010

20 January 2011


Happy New Year! I meant to sit down and write about my New Year’s Resolution Word for 2011. But instead, I found myself drawn to reflect on the past year. Below are 10 projects from 2010 that I had fun doing. Some were easy, some were life-changing and most were somewhere in between. The text [...]

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Mug Shots

22 December 2010


Perspective is a funny thing. Memories of an object, topic or experience can look and feel so different to different people. Grown siblings are bound to tell you, different stories, about “how it was” growing up. Any two married people will definitely tell you how a certain “tone” was perceived. I photographed my new Christmas [...]

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Sweet Shot Tuesday

14 December 2010


I’m linking up to Darcy’s Sweet Shot Tuesday. Our gingerbread village was a little too tempting for our little Molly! Love, Jess

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The Chair is Blue

17 June 2010


5 minutes of sanding, 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of spray enamel later… DIYers, Did you know you can sand off loose rust with a sanding block? Who knew?

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I Been A-Junkin’

16 June 2010

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Bliss = an hour in the my “studio” with super glue, paint and my new paper cutter. Dreaming up ideas for respurposing discarded items is a lot of fun. I had a dream last night that Leonardo DiCaprio was yelling at me for cluttering up the garage. So. Wierd. I guess, if just plain old [...]

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Tiered Plates

14 June 2010


The Junk Market is only a few days away! Tiered cake plates are ready to sell. Wanna do it to? Gather or purchase plates, vases and candle sticks. Glue them together with E6000 industrial strength glue. And there you go! Add brownie bites and appetizers or seasonal home decor…like a bunch of red Christmas bulbs [...]

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Sights of Spring

5 April 2010


I’m feeling inspired by the freshness of Spring. However, I’m not feeling very chatty, so, I’ll let my photos do the talking.

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Watercolor Rock Eggs

31 March 2010


How to create Watercolor Rock Eggs 1. Gather two goofy kids on the back patio 2. Collect rocks in an Easter Basket (lighter colored rocks work the best) and refer to the rocks as eggs. 3. Paint the “eggs” with watercolor paint 4. Let dry. Line up the eggs for a pretty display that won’t [...]

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Living with Lindsay’s $5 Challenge – Spring Table Setting

25 March 2010


Do Dollar Stores make you giddy from all the crafting potential? I know it sounds weird. But, there are a group of us crazy crafters that love a challenge, especially a thrifty challenge. Lindsay, from Living with Lindsay, is hosting the 2nd Annual Five Dollar Challenge. Armed with a $5 bill, I gathered some supplies [...]

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Sew Inspired – 5 Must Have Sewing Projects

16 March 2010


1. Crayon roll from Purple Lizard Designs. Can you smell the waxy goodness? Ahhhh! Crayons! 2. Felt card table tent from Miss Pretty on etsy. I think I would hide under here with a blanket, flashlight and a good book and never come out! 3. Felt chocolate Easter bunnies from Becky M. Oh. My. Word. [...]

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