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Happy St. Pat’s thru Easter!

We are beginning the season in Minnesota where we forget we ever had winter and that mosquitos will every come back.


Which means new homeschool lessons, playing with friends outside in the yard, and learning to pick up scooters so they don’t get run over by vans, ahem, not that we’ve had reason to learn this lesson or anything. Anyway, Ryan and I are beginning to do Bible memory work. Molly is beginning a phonics program on the website. Claire is beginning to get her shoes and socks on by herself. Leah is beginning to drive me crazy sneaking out of the fence gate in the backyard!

Here are a few photos of our Spring.

Peter, Ryan, me, Claire, Leah, Molly out on our deck during our St. Pat’s party.

Molly and Leah playing with princesses.

Ryan and Molly as snake charmers, trying to earn a few cents.

Claire, Leah, Molly and Ryan getting cozy in their cubbies on the day of closet Spring cleaning!

Molly tapping a Maple Tree for sap at a local Nature Center.

Pete and Ry. Awww, look at my guys, so sweet!

Claire, Molly, and Leah on Easter morning. Cuties!

Super cutie, my nephew Max, on Easter afternoon.

Me and Molla by the flowers in the front yard. :) He is Risen!


Happy Spring People!




Molly, Ryan, Claire, and Leah say, “Merry Christmas!” er, “Happy President’s Day!”

So here we are in the throws of winter clinging to the dream of Spring. Valentine’s Day close behind us. Easter way ahead of us.

Are the years getting shorter with a blur of Holidays? Or am I getting older? ahem, please refrain from answering that last question.

My Christmas cards lays unsent. Maybe St. Patrick’s cards for me then?

Happy President’s Day!





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Continuing on My Quest to “Be” 

On goes 2012. This week (and beyond, let’s hope), I am tackling the “willing” part of my One Word Resolution.

Be willing. Stand cheerfully at readiness.Put one foot in front of the other. Repeat.

I am and/or have been:

Willing to sooth a clingy toddler. Willing to serve a crabby spouse. Willing to admit when I’m wrong. Willing to say nothing in order to hear. Willing to say everything in order to speak.

Ready, cheerful, and inclined to be in a position for God’s purposes. Willing to take leaps of faith when everything seem hopeless. Willing to see the little things as gifts and miracles.

Willing to trust and let go. Willing to forgive. Willing to make more time for myself. Willing to fly across the World to chase a dream. Willing to just “be” for the sake of being.

Have you ever thought of what you are willing to do?


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Here are some thoughts on being loving.

I call love many things. But, easy isn’t one of them.

Loving isn’t a demeanor or state of mind I naturally bend. I want to sleep-in later, shop more often, and exercise less patience. None-the-less, I want to receive love at every turn regardless of my contributions or lack thereof.

For me, love is a choice.

Love is welcome work that I consider a full-time job. The benefits are extremely rewarding, albeit, exhausting. Being the hands and feet of the Lord to my children is humbling. Training my kids (& myself) to love one another can be a challenge.

For me, love is a commandment.

Loving takes many forms throughout my day. A harsh word withheld, an extra pair of hands for a neighbor, verbal praise, a quick-to forgive spirit, a hug, meals, or a quick txt of encouragement.

For me, love is active.

May you find “loving” in your day and always,